02 March 2014

A Post Mercury Retro Cleanse

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I made this.

Last week, I wrote an article on Spring Cleaning. This week, I want to add to that because we just came out of the dreaded Mercury Retrograde (insert Wilhelm scream).

I did NOT come out of this unscathed. My particular area of punishment, this retrograde, came in the form of ruined online purchases. This is what I get for ignoring the rule of "no purchases during retrograde"

My list includes:

1) The fountain that I so lovingly spoke of in my last blog. Oh, the fountain is okay NOW. Why? Because I am handy dandy. When I received it, it looked like a brand new fountain. So shiny, and like it had never been used.

Now, I have had this exact same fountain before, and after 7 years of use the pump died. This one did look brand new out of the box and I was very happy with my initial look-over.

HOWEVER, when I filled it with water, put it in my bedroom, and turned it on I could hear the pump working but no water came through. I sighed and took it back to the kitchen. I removed the decorative rocks and went to take the bottom apart and it would not budge! Now, like I said, I have had one of these before I knew the bottom came apart. This one had been glued. Very suspicious. I took it apart with a hammer and a butter knife and found that the pump had come loose from the pump line and I reconnected it. However, it had a small pinpoint hole because the seller had ziptied a part together. So I siliconed it and I fixed it.

I wrote the seller and told him my findings knowing that nothing would be done because the seller had put "as is" in the description and they also did not offer me shipping insurance. I could have claimed through paypal, but I fixed it and it is working fine and I didn't want the trouble of shipping it back and trying to find another like it. I did leave a negative feedback, because I felt like the seller was very deceptive.

2)I purchased two Ostrich eggs. I never received them by the 18th, which was the promised mail time. They were coming from the UK. They were a good price even with shipping.

I really wanted to decorate these to put in my shop for Ostara. I love painting eggs.

I wrote the seller to inquire about tracking. I know it takes a little time for overseas shipping. She came back with (copy and paste from messages) "item has been shipped i own the post office from where the eggs were posted from i keep the proof of postage receipts it might take a little while longer for overseas shipping to arrive".
I replied with "it's nice to know that you own the post office, however that does not give me tracking."

She didn't like this, but ended up giving me a full refund without me having to say any more to her.
I was glad to have a refund, but I really wanted those eggs.

3) I placed an order through Vitacost. Sigh. Apparently I checked out wrong. I did not sign into my account before hitting the paypal button so it checked me out as a guest. It said that it completed the order, it took the money from my account. However, it stops there. No shipping, no confirmation email.

I called Vitacost, talk to a very sweet cust. service rep. She says that it will be put back on in a few days when the shipping is never made. She told me to re-order and I did. I checked out right this time and I got a confirmation email. I asked what would happen if the money wasn't put back by Tues.

Lessons learned. No purchases EVER again during this damn retrograde. I shall now become a retrograde hermit.

I think I may get hit a little harder since I am Gemini and my ruling planet is Mercury (pssst, this goes for you too, Virgo). I honestly have no thought processes. I can't even communicate with myself during this time, lol.

I am actually surprised that our trip to Louisville, KY went so dang smooth. There was ONE little snag. It turns out to be a communication snag too. We were not given our free breakfast that should have come with the group deal. That dang breakfast bar was 11.98 a person. And there was NOTHING on it that I could eat, being paleo. They didn't even have bacon! I ended up eating fake eggs and potatoes and ketchup. I was hoping for fruit, but the bananas were solid green and the apples weren't organic. Yes, I am picky.

So, here we are out of Mercury Retro. What ever shall we do? A communication opening cleanse, to get rid of the last traces of poor communication would be excellent! A good day to do this would be on a Wednesday, but if you can't wait, by all means do it now!

I'm just going to list several things for you to choose from to do. I thought about writing a short spell, but I'm still stuck in retrograde as I write this and my thought processors are bogged.

So, everything we do will be cleansing and helping you to open those lines of communication. We will deal with the throat chakra and Mercury.

Two ways to cleanse yourself:

1. A relaxing salt bath. You can make your own salt scrub with a cup of sea salt. A base oil for massage to use would be either sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, or grapeseed oil. You will need a 1/2 cup of this oil. Mix the base oil together in a small bowl with the salt. After you have the two mixed well, add in 5-15 drops of your essential oils and mix those in well.

Any of these essential oils will work:

For Mercury you can use lemongrass, lemon verbena, lavender, and fennel.
For the throat chakra, you can use basil, bergamot, chamomile, cypress, peppermint, or spearmint.

You could always relax with chamomile tea in your salt bath while you burn an orange or blue candle dressed with one of the oils.


You could do a cedar and lemongrass smudge.


I made this, too.

Another thing you could do would be to take a crystal bath.
1. Cleanse your crystals.
2.Fill your bath
3. Put the crystals in the water by your feet, near the drain.
4. Lie back and relax, visualizing the channels opening to your throat chakra.
5. 20-30 minutes for a soak is good.

Always check to the toxicity of a crystal before using. Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy has a list of toxic crystals. These are not recommended for baths or elixirs. For example azurite is wonderful for working with the throat chakra, but it contains copper, so you would not want to use it in a bath.
You could set them around the outside of your bath, but you would not want to put them in your water. Most blue and green colored crystals get their color from metals, so that is why you wouldn't want to use those.

ATTENTION: The following crystals should only be placed outside your bath. These are throat chakra crystals: angelite, apatite,  azurite, celestite, blue calcite, blue lace agate, blue quartz, blue sappire, chrysocolla, kyanite, lapis lazulisodalite, larimar, turquoise

The only throat chakra crystal that would be okay to place in a bath would be Aquamarine.

The following crystals are all associated with Mercury and are SAFE for bath: Opal , Moss Agate, Adventurine, Fluorite

These are NOT SAFE for bath, so set them outside the bath: Sodalite

Another thing that you could do is dress a couple of blue (communications) and/or orange (the color of Mercury) candles with corresponding essential oil (see list above). Don't forget to charge them to aid you in what you are trying to accomplish.

And lets not forget that we have TWO more of these to live through in 2014.

June 7- July 2
October 4- October 25

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