21 May 2014

Goodbye to a friend

Today I got a phone call that someone that I had once called one of my very best friends had passed away. I was not shocked. I knew this was coming. I just didn't know when.

You see she had a sickness. It was a self-created sickness, but it was a sickness all the same. I once loved her like my own sister. I will miss THAT sister, not the one that passed last night. The one that passed last night....that wasn't her. That was her self-abused shell. That was a shadow of her. ..her shadow gobbled her whole.

I hope she has found the peace that she could never find here. Good bye, old friend. I will miss who you once were. I will miss the kindness you once had. Your intelligence. Your humor. Your beauty.

I am sorry that you couldn't pull yourself out of that dark pit that you dug. I am sorry that you never found that self love. I am sorry that we lost each other along the way, and never really said goodbye. May you find rest and love and peace in your further journey. May you shake that shadow and shine like a star in the night sky.

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