01 March 2015

Hurry Spring!

Normally I'm all for snow. But, this year has pushed me to my limits. I haven't been able to move my car for two weeks. I suppose in a way it is good, I've gotten lots of art done.

Anyway, I want to help push us toward spring, so I created a coupon code.

It is good for 25% off your entire purchase in my etsy store, for all of March. There are some lovely spring goodies in my shop. You can use as many times as you like, but it is not good for custom orders. You also cannot combine it with other discounts.

As I said, I've been working hard and making some lovely items. Right now I'm making a custom order box and a plaque for my new grandson's nursery. 

This was a custom order, Storybook Unicorn

These are available in my shop:

 Greenman Emu egg, front 
Greenman Emu egg, back

 Spring bunny emu egg, BackSpring bunny, front

Goddess Emu Egg, front

Rest of Goddess Egg cover in vines.

Handpainted eggs

These are real blown and cleaned eggs that I have handpainted. 

Some new plaques

And a new pendant, featuring the mandrake

I hope you have bright blessing throughout your day,