02 February 2014

An Imbolc Giveaway

This article is part of Kallan's wonderful Sunday Stew. Please hop on over and read all the different flavors added by each chef. I know that you will love it!

When I was thinking about what to write......I was kind of stumped. All of your usual has been written 10 million ways, and I just didn't want to re-do that. I kind of always go to the crafty sides of things.....and even though Brigit's cross is a symbol, I didn't want that to be what I made. You can go to any blog and find the instructions and different ways to make them.

Then I thought maybe I could make something with symbols and have a giveaway. The symbols I'll discuss are the ones that I used on the giveaway. I almost used a boar. But, in the end I used the triskelion, the flame, and the raven.

Brigit/Brigid/Brid is the triple goddess as a youthful, pregnant maiden. Her father is the Dagda. She is a goddess of healing, fire, light, childbirth, and hearth.  Brighid represents creativity and fertility. She watches over the sun until it can be brought forth with the ending of winter and the arrival of spring.

This is indeed our first hint of spring. Now is the time to start your spring flower seeds and plan out your gardens. We are nearing the end of winter.

So, the triskele/triskelion/triple spiral is a representation of the triple goddess, and therefore a representation of Brigit. It is also representative of creative energy, progression, balance, and regeneration.

The flame stands for Brigit being the goddess of hearth and fire.

And the raven is not her bird. Brigit's bird is the swan. But, the raven is a bird of Imbolc. It returns to the Highlands in February to nest, being one of the first birds to do so.

There is a superstition that says that if a maiden sees a raven on Imbolc and she follows it's direction of flight, she will know the direction in which her future husband lives.

There are 19 stones going around the pendant to represent Brigit's 19 priestesses that kept her perpetual flame tended in the temple.

The symbols are woodburned on and then they are lightly painted for a bit of color. A light coat of protection is added.

I also braided 3 strands of leather to make the necklace.

To enter for a chance to win this necklace and pendant, go to the Sunday Stew and follow the directions there.

Brightest Blessings,

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