22 June 2014

Chakra Series: Throat Chakra; Express Yourself

This article is part of Kallan's wonderful Sunday Stew. Please hop on over and read all the different flavors added by each chef. I know that you will love it!

I've had fun putting these chakra "lessons" together. They've helped me with my meditations and my focus. I hope they are helping you and that you are enjoying them.

Now we are going to be looking at our throat chakra, the Vishudha. The Vishudha is important for several reasons. For one, it is the connection between your body and your mind. For another, it is there to help your speak your own personal truth. This chakra works in all sounds, words, and communication.

Some people have trouble speaking what needs to be said in a responsible and tactful way. The throat chakra is there to help you do just that. It helps to filter everything your mind thinks. Your Vishudha seeks to unite your mind and body. It will help you find your life purpose.

Your creativity is also connected to this chakra. Why would creativity be connected to this chakra? Because creativity is a form of self-expression. Self-expression is this chakra. Forms of self-expression come in the art that you make, the music that you create, the books and poetry that you write. Do you have a mental block with your art, writing, or music right now? The reason could be that this chakra needs nourishing.

As I said before the Sanskrit name for this chakra is Vishudha. Vishudha mean pure. So what your throat chakra wants more than anything is for you to be able to express your true self. The enemy of this chakra is lying. To express yourself as something other than who you are at the very core of your being would be a lie. When you lie about who you are, when you keep secrets that need to be told, when you fail to speak up at appropriate times, then you are denying your Vishudha of it's very need.

Your truth is what is true to you. It is your dream, your reality, your hopes, your deep intuition. When your Vishudha is at it's full power, you will speak your truth with the integrity, clarity, grace, and courage that it needs....and wants.

Since your throat chakra helps your to express your truth, it also helps your to pursue your life goal. If you are having trouble figuring out what you want to do with your life, then working with this chakra will help to bring your goals and vocation to realization. As you evolve in your life, your goals, too, will evolve. If you are no longer happy doing what you once loved, maybe it is time to work with your Vishudha and find your new life truth.

The throat chakra is one of the upper chakras. It has a few psychic gifts that are related to it: channeling, clairaudience, and telepathy. I have a few of the Seth books. Seth is a spirit that was channeled by Jane Roberts. When you channel a spirit, you are letting it use your voice to speak, so of course this would be a gift that is associated with the throat chakra.

This wonderful chakra is located at the front of your throat and it is a clear, bright blue. It actually begins to develop around the 16th birthday. It's body associations are hearing, speech, thyroid and para-thyroid glands, your body's metabolism and temperature, your intellectual development, the pharyngeal plexus, the etheric template, attentiveness, verbal expression, the neck, shoulders, mouth, teeth, gums, nose, throat, tongue, vocal cords, ears, and your cervical spine, arms, and hands.  Other associations are: the elephant, Jupiter and Mercury, the deities Ambara, Sadashiva, and Shakini. Musical note G, and the Beej Mantra.

Symptoms of a deficient Vishudha:

1. Shy and withdrawn
2. Poor speaking skills or a fear of speaking
3. Unable to know your own desires or act on them
4. A difficulty with putting your thoughts and feelings into words
5. Not able to trust your own instincts
6. Blocked creativity
7. sore throats
8. swollen glands
9. hypothyroidism
10. poor sense of ethics
11. lack of a sense of humor
12. unwillingness to face the truth
13. anxiety
14. dental problems

Symptoms of excess Vishudha:

1. Talking too much
2. Bad listening skills
3. Dominating talker
4. Blunt speech
5. Hyperthyroidism
6. Dental problems
7. Taking yourself too seriously

Signs of a balanced Vishudha:

1. Able to express your creativity
2. Communication will be constructive and graceful
3. You will be content and centered
4. You will be able to express yourself in positive ways
5. Excellent listening skills

What can you do to balance this chakra:

1. Meditate: 

G note, throat chakra

2. Yoga poses

3. My favorite chakra journal series: 

4. Employing the use of crystals and gemstones during meditation. Any blue stones: Turquoise, Fluorite, Blue lace agate, Silver, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Sodalite, Chrysocolla, Blue Kyanite, 

5. The use of oils during meditation: Lavender, hyacinth, patchouli, frankincense and white musk

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Chakra Series.

Brightest Blessings,

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