10 August 2014

August Full Red Moon Rune Craft For Success

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When I started on my endeavor of a Full Moon Project, I thought that it wouldn't be too hard to come up with things to go with each moon. I mean after all there are several names for each moon to choose from. Boy, was I wrong. This month I was again semi-stumped. I am not keen on the name Sturgeon Moon. I have already created a craft for one fish moon after all, so I don't want another. Fish things for me are "meh".

However, this month I am combining two of the names. I have decided to combine the names lightning moon and red moon with a rune sequence to bring some triumph, victory, and passion to my life. Everyone can use that in their life, for sure. Red is the color of life, our blood, vitality. Lightning is a symbolism of power. August is a hot month with summer storms and lightning, so let's take advantage of the red moon and bring ourselves prosperity and success.

This project will be made like the project from the Wolf Moon. We will be using felt and herbs and gemstones to go inside the full moon shape. We will also be putting a rune sequence on the back.

The stones I've chosen that you can use (and you can use them all, or a combination, or just one, it will be up to you).

Hematite: This stone deflects negativity while encouraging you to reach your goals.
Amethyst: This one helps you to focus on your endeavors to bring success. It also give you an inner strength.
Malachite: Gives you emotional stability and bring success in business.
Citrine: This is the best one, make sure you have one of these. This one manifest prosperity and abundance. It is known as the success stone. So, this one is definitely needed for your red moon.
Agate: Protection for endeavors, while attracting good luck and awakening your talents.
Carnelian: This one also brings good luck and success.

The herbs that I have chosen (again, pick and choose, or use all)

Bay leaf:  This is the herb of victory and accomplishments, it is used for money and prosperity.
High John the Conqueror: Draws success
Cinnamon: used for business and money

I have chosen 3 runes. The 3 that I have chosen are:

Jera- To promote change for the better, successful endeavors, and finally seeing reward for your past efforts.
Fehu- To attract wealth and prosperity and to circulate abundance
and finally
Berkano- New beginnings and ideas, more business

Please remember:

You can also change this spell to your liking and your wording. I just come up with the ideas and I like to share. Remember, your magic is what you yourself muster.

Cut 2 circles from the red felt, the size that you want it. I used a ribbon spool to measure out mine.

My lightning bolt is freehand. If you need you can print this picture to use as a pattern.

You want your bolt to fit your moon like so.

Apply hot glue like so. You want to leave a space open so that you can fill your moon with your herbs and gemstones.


Apply the glue to the back of your bolt, then quickly lay it on the front of the moon. 


Hold the herbs and gemstones in your hand and charge them with thoughts of victory and prosperity and triumph.

                                           Stuff in your herbs  and gemstones and glue the hole shut.

If you want to razzle dazzle the moon, use some decorative glitter on the front.

Use the same glitter pen to mark out the runes on the back of the moon.

Charge a red candle the same way, with thoughts of victory, prosperity, and triumph in your life. 

Please edit to fit your needs, but remember to be specific. Runes like it when you are specific.
As you pass the front and back over the lit candle (not too close, you don't want a fire), say:

"With fire, the magic and power of the herbs, gemstones, and runes are activated and will work together
to bring victory to me in my job, my money, and my home life. This will be done immediately with no harm to me, my family, my pets, my property, or my possessions."


I like to take an offering of a beer to Odin afterward. I also like to put a few drops of my blood into my beer, for a power punch. But again, this is up to you. 

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the full moon craft.

Brightest Blessings,

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