07 September 2014

Harvest/Corn Moon Swag Decoration

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It's almost here! Autumn is almost here! I'm so excited that I cannot contain myself! 

I just can't handle hot weather. The beginning of August was actually quite nice. It was cool outside and I enjoyed going out into the yard and doing things. It seems to have heated back up this past week though and now it's like an oven again. I just don't enjoy it. It's muggy and sticky, not my kind of weather at all. 

The name of the September moon gives me hope that my kind of weather is just around the corner. We are fast approaching the second harvest Sabbat and with it Autumn Equinox, which is my favorite time of year! 

This moon is commonly referred to as the Harvest Moon with Corn Moon being the second most common name. This is the time when the corn and barley are both ready for harvest. 

I decided to just use both names for my decoration. I do want to make a large corn swag like one that is found HERE, and I probably will make one of these later this month. I decided to use some blue corn that I grew in the garden a couple of years ago and dried. I was just throwing it in a basket as a decoration, it needed to be showcased better. 

I ran out to look for some things to put with my corn. I found some great decorative pumpkins, tiny acorns, berry/pinecone pieces and sunflower pins. I decided to use raffia as the swag base.

For the base, I grabbed quite a bit of the raffia and tied knots in it to make it strong and keep it as one long swag piece. Like so: 

Then I laid the corn down on it and decided where each placement would be. I  took the rafia and tied a simple knot around the corn to keep it in its place. Note: some of my corn didn't have tops, so I made tops with a corn husk/wheat decoration that I found. If you notice the corn on the right looks different from the corn on the left. I just cut the decoration apart and hot glued it to the top of my corn. Voila! The corn has a top now.

Next, I will attach the pumpkins. I am trying to keep everything nice and even, so I place the pumpkins in the empty spaces in between the corn. I just take a new strip of raffia and loop and loop it around the stem of the pumpkins and tie each one off.

I found some neat little fall leaf/berry/pinecone sprigs and I slid those in the raffia behind the pumpkin stems. I used the little acorn wire to hold the sprigs in place. 

The sunflowers that I found had clips on the back so I just clipped one at each end of the raffia. At each end I made a loop and knotted it for hanging the swag. And there you have it. Simple enough decoration and it doesn't take long at all to make. 

I hope you enjoyed this full moon craft and brightest blessings!


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Thank you!!

Loren Morris said...

Thank you!!

LaTrice Lott said...

Very nice. Think I'm going to make one to drape over the mirror in my dining room.

Loren Morris said...

Excellent, LaTrice!!