25 June 2015

Health, Hair, Art, and Whatever Else Comes To Mind

I've been super slow with my art. I'm sorry.

I had a health setback. I have thyroid problems. I treat them myself. I mistakenly stopped taking a product for another one that ended up being inadequate. I take 2 tsp. of maca root from the Maca Team every day. It had me so fixed. I was doing great. My ankles weren't swelling, my hair wasn't dry, my mood was great, etc, etc, etc.

Anyway, I also purchase supplements from Vitacost. Normally their items are great. But I thought that I was being smart by switching from Maca Team's maca root to Vitacost maca in capsule form. I don't like having to mix it, the capsules seemed more convenient. So, I took the Vitacost capsuled brand for 6 months? it was about that long. It seemed to be doing fine.......and then BOOOOM!

I woke up with my period all out of whack, my hair (overnight, mind you) went NUTS. I couldn't even get my brush through it. My ankles started swelling, I bloated 15 lbs overnight, my joints went nuts, my allergies kicked in overtime, my skin went dry, and I had. to. get. all. of. my. hair. cut. off. To my shoulders.
I'm not happy about this. It was to the middle of my back. And now it's gone.

Overnight my hair went from silky, wonderful hair to this dry lump of baked barbie doll hair. When I say that I couldn't get my brush through it, I mean, it was this giant nest of a knot and the brush would not go through it.

When all of this happened to me, I'm not going to lie, it took me a little while to figure out WHY? Why was this happening? I mean, I was still taking the maca, my diet was basically the same (partial-paleo), still doing the same old stuff.

While I was trying to figure out what was wrong, I was also getting all my hair cut off. And still trying not to lose the rest of it. I really needed to be shaved. I really fought with the rest of my hair.

When I ordered the Maca team maca root, I took 2 tsp. mixed in apple juice immediately. On the 4th day, it felt like my thyroid was swollen and it actually ached a bit, especially when I turned my head. The 5th day my mood was improving. My period straightened itself up. I'm not even going to tell you what was going on with it, let's just say it was BAD. By the 6th day I had my energy back. My hair had a few small changes. It wasn't as bad as it had been, but it was still a fight.

I've now been on this maca for a little over a month and I'm finally feeling much better. My hair is also much, much better.

But all of this made me realize, I've got some healing to do. I know I have leaky gut. I still have food allergies. I'm out of shape again. I was just spending too much time with the art. I'm going to have to make a schedule and stick to it. So there are going to be changes. I'm putting myself on the GAPS diet and I'll be working out EVERY day. I'm not going to sit with my art for long periods anymore. I can't. This last setback was so hard on my joints. I was to the point of not being able to squat down and get back up, of going up my steps, of just moving. I'm also getting more of the chemicals out of the home. I had let some things creep back in. Body wash, laundry products, etc. Convenience. So, I've ordered the soapnuts, the wool balls for the dryer, the Dr. Bronners and I'm not looking back.

I've got to take control of this. It will not win. For now, my art will be added slowly, But, when I get my schedule and eating and working out controlled, I'll be doing more.

I want to work on some vintage Halloween items. I have one that I want to add to my shop (see the pic above), but I'm working on another right now. When I finish it, I'll be adding both.

Brightest Blessings,


Sharon Rawson said...

Glad you are getting everything back on track! It is tough when you think you are simplifying your life and it takes a wrong turn.

Loren Morris said...

Thanks, Sharon <3

It is absolutely horrible! The bad part was trying to figure out what was wrong when I was still taking what I needed. It didn't help that it took so long to hit me like that either.