01 October 2013

The Samhain's Sirens kickoff is today!

Do NOT miss out on this wonderful party!

Tara from PIP designs is giving away a blog makeover (she designed this wonderful blog for me)

and there is a giveaway for a beautiful handmade Book of Shadows from Lapulia Studios!

Go! What are you waiting for?

Samhain's Sirens Party


Beth Brown said...

I have to say that I absolutely love your blog. I recently found it through Samhein's Sirens page. Not only are you a great artist but I am learning so much. Thank you for sharing. Beth

Loren Morris said...

Wow! Thank you so, so much! I will definitely be having more info about boards in the coming weeks, if you have any questions or even suggestions, please let me know. I love hearing other people's experiences and suggestions :)