06 October 2013

Spiritual Protection Bags

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Since the Veil is getting thinner, the ability to communicate with Other Side is becoming easier and easier. While most people relish this time of getting closer to their spirit friends, there are some that feel it and they dread it.
My older son is one of the "dreaders". Read my post about him HERE. He has always been able to see spirits to a higher degree than me. My son and one of friends came over for some more spiritual protection the other night.
After I performed the spell for my son that put his spirit in a jar, I've had some interesting results. This will also be a lesson to all of you that "board". Since I did the spell, I have not been able to speak to anyone but this spirit that I trapped, on the board. It was heinous. It was continually telling me that it was "assigned" to Curtis and that it was sent as a lesson. My spirit guide couldn't come through at all and honestly, it was getting tiring. I also had to wax the top of the jar. The lid kept loosening.
I spoke with Christian Day about it and he offered me a very simple solution, that in my aggravation, I didn't think of. (Thank you, Christian) He said to simply put the jar inside a ring of salt. It worked like a charm. My spirit guide, Orion, was able to come through and he informed me that the spirit had been lying, it was not assigned to Curt. I knew the little bastard (my nickname for it) was lying to me. But, I thought I would include this story so that you would understand how some spirits work and that you cannot fall for everything that is told to you on a board. This spirit had attached itself to my son because of his energy and it enjoyed being around him.
Now, I mentioned that my son brought a friend with him that also wanted help. I have his spirit in a jar also. I have performed the same spell for him. His was a psychic attack placed on him by a priest of Santeria. It happened when he was still a teenager, in Florida. He has known for the past few years that something just wasn't right, and he felt like he was being followed. My spirit guide confirmed this during our board session.
Since both boys were having trouble with spirits, I thought that I would make protection bags for them to carry to keep the spirits at bay. They are a little different in their contents and I am going to walk you through the steps for each.
We will do Curtly's (my nickname for him) first. He is open to spirits constantly, so in his I included items to ground him.

The stones used in his:
Tiger's eye: This stone helps to keep away unwanted spirits
Citrine: Helps to ward the negativity that can be caused by spirits.
Clear Quartz: This one helps to turn the negative energy to good energy, if there is any that gets past the citrine.
Red Jasper: Good for cleaning and stabilizing the aura
Hematite: To help with grounding
Howlite: This stone is great for protecting against unwanted spirits.
and finally his totem which is an elephant made of dolomite
Dolomite: Excellent for balancing the spiritul, emotional, and physical features of a person

For the herbs in Curt's I used:
Cinnamon (pictured above): General protection and to ward negative energies (I would be lying if I didn't say that I also had future girlfriends in mind
Dragon's Blood (pictured above): Protection from all evils
High John Root (pictured above): please forgive my misspelling of conqueror in the pic, I had only had one cup of coffee and I saved before I fixed it. High John is just a good all around root, and it is great for psychic protection.

Hawthorn Berries: Good general protection
Angelica: Great for banishing evil spirits

Nettle: Protect against psychic attacks and to remove negative energies

For Curtly's friend, his will be a little different, but not much. I will tweak his for more of a psychic attack protection.

He got the same stones as Curtis, minus the totem, and add an amethyst.

Amethyst: Protection against witchcraft

For his herbs he got a little different mix.

He was given the dragon's blood, hawthorn, nettle, high john, and cinnamon like Curt, but I also added:

Dill: general protection and protection against psychic attacks

Clove: This is a great protection against intentional magical attack and psychic attack

Pennyroyal: protection against psychic attacks

Blue Vervain: protection and peace

Vetiver root: this root strengthens the body's auric field and offers protection

Then as an afterthought, I added Mandrake to both bags:

Mandrake: good all around protection

Needless to say, their small bags were packed. But, they both were happy with them. I forgot to take a picture of the finished bags, but there is one of them in second picture of the stones, to show you what I used.

I hope this helps anyone that needs a protection as the veil thins. If you have any questions or comments regarding this, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

Brightest blessings, 


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