08 August 2013

My Spirit/Talking/Ouija Board Collection

I am a huge spirit/talking board fan. I have an okay sized collection. I don't have any of the old wooden ones...yet, but I'm happy with the ones that I have.

When I started using spirit boards, I was pregnant with my son Brevin. He is turning 14 on Friday, so I have used them off and on for a while.

The first board that I purchased was The Psychic Circle Board. That poor board was run through the ringer with me and my group of friends. We would meet every weekend....anyway, that's another story.

The Psychic Circle is still my favorite board. I have since been through 6 of those. This is my 7th and it is starting to show some wear.

See the wear? 

I love this board. The colors, the happiness. When I use one for the first time, it does what I call "whitewashing"........it's a type of cleansing, where the planchette goes over and over in spirals, at the corners, the middle, etc. 
It also does this if it has been a while since I used it. But, that is also for another post. 

The board is made by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. 

You can purchase one here:

They also make the Enchanted Spellboard. I use it just every now and again and it has gorgeous colors and design.

You can purchase this board here:

Another one they make is The Pathfinder. 

You can purchase a pathfinder here:

Amy and Monte make wonderful products. I have quite a few of their items.

The next non-Ouija talking board that I have is one that I had a really hard time getting. It was all over the internet, and then my husband said that I could have it for a Yule present and BOOM, it was nowhere. I ordered from FOUR people, only to be told that it wasn't really in stock. Finally, one of my Facebook friends told me that there was one for sale on Amazon at a reasonable price. I love it because I also collect Buffy comics. I have every Buffy comic, so of course, I had to have this. It is the Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Conversations With Dead People Board. It comes with a little Buffy spirit board comic.

I have since come to love and enjoy the Ouija. There is nothing wrong with this talking board. If you are going to have a session with it and you are scared, don't use it. Its not for you and those scary Ouija stories are just tiring.

The oldest Ouijas that I have are these. I have the super large one and the regular sized one. I'm actually planning on having the larger one framed one day to use as decor.

I think these are 60's 70's era

The back of the box of the larger Ouija:

Here is a site that has some like mine for sale:

My next Ouija is one they put out (ToysRUs exclusive) and people threw a fit over it. See an article here: Ridiculousness It was subsequently phased out. 
The board was geared toward tween girls and it came in it's own carry case. You know, for slumber parties. It also came with cards with suggested questions. They have things like: "Will I be rich one day",  "Who is thinking of me right now", and "At what age will I get married"

I love the bubble lettering on the board. One of my friends remarked that it looks like an accessory for Witch Barbie.

Don't you just love it?!

Next is Glow-in-the-dark Ouija. SpooooOOOOoooky! I haven't really tried to see if it glows. I may need to stick it in the freezer to activate the glow.

Next  is the NEWEST Ouija! It just came out! I love the design and the board feels rough, not slick like the others. It kind of makes me think of an older type fortune teller's board. 

The planchette takes batteries. It lights up with a ghostly purple glow. When I first put the batteries in the lights stayed on and I had to press the reset button to make it work right. There is no on/off switch on the planchette. When you rest your fingers on it, it activates the light, then when you lift your fingers, the light goes off. It makes the planchette thick and kind of heavy. I haven't tried out the board yet, I'm hoping to soon.

I tried to capture the ghostly purple glow, but it was too light in here.

See the thickness of the planchette?

You can get one here:

My next one has the Ouija name, but it isn't a board. ...and I don't really like it. It is the Ouija Oracle Card Game. I give it a MEH rating.

My next one, is from a kit: The Compleat Fortune Teller Kit by The Pacific Game Company made in 1975. It has 10 ancient arts and the "spirit board" is a contact sheet that you would stick to a wood board to make it an actual board. Mine is unused and still rolled up in the box. I had to put a couple of knick-knacks on it to hold it down so that I could take a pic.

The planchette is at the top of it next to the box (I'm sure you recognized it) and it is made of plastic. The whole kit is pretty neat.

Here's the back showing the peel off part:

Here's one like my kit, that is currently for sale on Ebay:

And finally, here are some books that I have enjoyed reading and find useful. I especially love Christian Day's book, The Witches' Book of the Dead. I also love My Friend, The Ouija Board by Virginia Kent Roberts. She describes several things in it that I have had happen to me while on the board. This book is very had to find. If you find it, grab it, because it didn't publish for very long at all.

I hope you enjoyed my "tour" of my Ouija and Spirit boards. I will enjoy all questions and comments, but I don't want to hear any ridiculous demon possession stories. I have used these for over 13 years and I have not had any problems with them. 

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