18 August 2013

The Horror of Talking Boards! Part 2

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Bewitched, Season 2, Episode 28 Double Split

Since my last post I had an incident involving a Ouija.....well, not the board itself, but my phone cover, which looks like a Ouija board.

I went to visit a friend on my way home the other evening and she had another visitor. It was a man that I didn't know and I had never met him before. When I first arrived he was sitting in his truck and she and I walked next door to her mom's home to look at the new pool. 

We walked back to her driveway to talk for a few minutes, the guy jumps out of his truck to talk to us. She introduced us, we had chitchat, and everything was fine. I got my phone out to show her my son's backflip video on it and the back of the phone with the cover was pointed in the guy's direction. He took one look at it and said "A Ouija board, what have you got that for?" , to which I replied, "Because I like Ouija boards and I collect them" to which he came back with, "Those are of the devil!"  EYEROLLLLL (me). Really? Because they aren't stamped "Made by Satan"  The box plainly says Hasbro. 

I won't put the whole thing on here. It led to him telling me that I'm wrong with my beliefs, I have hell waiting for me, me yelling at him, and him apologizing to me later on. Yes, he did apologize, I accepted and told him it was okay. But, I came home, found him on Facebook and decided to go ahead and block him. Especially when it is someone that says that I am going to burn in hell when they are a grown man posting drunk pictures and belly selfies and they are married.  I don't need someone spouting anything on my wall, and I can't stand people like that. One day I am going to have a rant about this kind of stuff. 

Anyway, I had a Ouija story to share with you this week, didn't I?

So, this week will be about Ouijas, Spirit boards, and Talking boards on TV. 

1. Bewitched Season 2 Episode 28 "Double Split" I had a really hard time finding that picture of Samantha and Louise playing with the Ouija. I own the DVD collection, but I couldn't remember which episode it was. When I did a Google search, it wrongly lists Season 4, Episode 27 "Tabatha's Cranky Spell" as the Ouija episode. It is wrong everywhere. That episode actually has a crystal ball, not a Ouija. The right episode is Season 2, Episode 28 Double Split. I had to read scripts to find out which one it was, play it in the DVD and take the picture of it. I couldn't find one anywhere in the internet. So, there it is, so brief in time, Samantha and Louise  playing the Ouija. The script had them playing Pins, but they switched it to the Ouija for the episode. Nothing bad happens, and actually, no one even mentions it. 

Here's the part of the episode that has it.

2. CBS did a small news story about the Ouija. They interviewed a guy with over 500 boards. I would love to have that collection! Here it is:

It's actually not a bad piece, very informative.

3. "Ouija One"- Oddities    This one is fun with a little information. 

4. I Love Lucy "The Seance" Season 1 Episode 7  
    The Ouija only makes a brief appearance in this one, but its a fun episode. 

To watch the full episode go here:

5. Charmed Season 1 Episode 1 "Something Wicca This Way Comes"

One of the best scenes. Their spirit board is to die for. Nothing bad happens, of course.

The board also makes an appearance in Season 1 Episode 14 Secrets and Guys. A little boy uses it to communicate with Prue.


6. Dead Like Me "Curious George" Season 1, Episode 3

Georgia's little sister uses it to contact her. It is at the very end of this video. Its a touching scene.

Dead Like Me was an awesome show. Too bad it only lasted two seasons.

7. Married With Children Season 6 Episode 19 "Psychic Avenger"

A silly episode. There is a "Ouija King", that's about it.

8. X-Files Season 3 Episode 13 "Syzygy"

I couldn't find a video clip for this one. This is one of the darker Ouija TV episodes that I've found. Due to a planetary alignment, blaming Satanic cults, and the Ouija tells one of the girls that she is going to marry Satan.

9. A Haunting Season 2 Episode 2 "The Diabolical"

"A Haunting" is a paranormal ghost hunting re-inactment and eyewitness accounts type show.....that they've made into a series. It airs on the Discovery Channel. It features......tah dah.......Ed and Lorraine Warren....in some episodes. Now, you guys don't have to go far in this blog to know that I cannot stand the Warrens. I hate what they stand for, I hate what they do. To see what I'm talking about go here: Disgusting Warrens

Anyway, this episode seems to be about a little girl that cannot walk or talk, but she has the ability to hang out with spirits. A man visits and senses the presence of a spirit and they use a Ouija board....which ends up being a bad thing. 

Again, I couldn't find a video. Bummer.

10. Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 14 "Dead To Me"

Margaret Cho stars in this episode as a professor that speaks to her dead fiance by using the spirit board...The video I have found is actually Margaret Cho talking about her role and her very own Ouija board collection. She talks about how she is scared of the board and that she throws out the planchettes! WHAT?! Margaret Cho?! Are you nuts?! Please tell me that by "throwing out" you actually mean sell....you know, for someone that is looking for it??

There are many more TV shows that feature boards, but I think that I've listed some pretty good ones. I am actually surprised how mild TV represents the board. Much better than the horror stories. It does seem to get darker with more modern shows. There are, of course, lots of ghost hunting and paranormal shows that feature the Ouija, but I really did not want to include ALL of those. And 95% of those shows actually blame the spirit boards and witchcraft for the problem they are "investigating" .

I hope you have enjoyed my tour of TV land concerning spirit/Ouija boards and remember if you plan to use a board, do it safely. Don't do it in fear. Don't be a pompous ass. Don't do it with drugs or alcohol. Board responsibly.

Blessings and Light

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