10 August 2013

Those Disgusting Warrens

Today I woke to disturbing, disturbing news. I am so disgusted. The very first piece of news that I heard when I awoke was a video of Andrea Perron. Ms. Perron was angry. She was angry because the grave of Bathsheba Sherman was desecrated.

Well Ms. Perron the grave was desecrated because of you and the Warrens. This is your fault. You allowed AND aided the Warrens with the making of this movie. Greed has caused this. Did you really think that saying that Bathsheba was tormenting your family as a ghost and pushing the evil "witch" story (with NO proof other than town rumors) would have no repercussions? You are damning her name even in death.

There are stupid and mean people in this world and you have fed into their fears. You can say it was delinquents all you want, but you and the greedy Warrens pushed the first domino.

The REAL history of Bathsheba

The news story of the desecration

The video of Ms. Perron's plea

Here is another video of someone being completely silly while they visit this graveyard with Bathsheba's grave. The remarks she makes while there........ugh. The graveyard looks like Disney? Seriously? Creepy? I can't stand it.

Also, on IMDB, underneath the movie title and rating, they have ads for books. I did a screen capture of the ones that I had the pleasure of looking at today.

The first one is an Impact Christian book entitled "Destroying Witchcraft"

To read the first blog that I wrote about the Warrens, please go here

I'm just totally disgusted today. Totally.

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