30 March 2014

Chakra Series: Sacral Chakra and Your Flow

This article is part of Kallan's wonderful Sunday Stew. Please hop on over and read all the different flavors added by each chef. I know that you will love it!

This week will be the 2nd in the Chakra Series. Your energy centers are important to your health and well-being and your relationship with the Universal Energy. As I said last week, they are your spark plugs in your "vehicle". We want your vehicle to be a running smoothly, so let's give it a tune-up. This week's focus is on the Sacral Chakra, the Svadhisthana. Svadhisthana means "one's own abode".

Whereas the Root chakra was all about learning to love yourself and developing your relationship with yourself to give yourself a good foundation in the world, the Sacral chakra is all about developing your relationships with other people in your life. It is about your movement in this world of ours. Your flow of movement. It is your center for developing your emotions and sexuality. This is your pleasure center.

The Sacral chakra is located 2-3 inches below your naval. It's associations are: the sense of taste, the water element, your hands, the deities Vishnu and Rakini, and Sobek (a crocodile fertility symbol). Its color is bright, brilliant orange. It resides over your urinary tract, reproductive system (men and women: ovaries, testicles, womb, genitals), kidneys, lymphatic system, and your bladder. It is                    represented by a 6 petal lotus. It resonates to musical note D.

Many religions teach that erotica and sexual pleasures are evil, but these are essential for your well-being. By embracing your sexual side and enjoy all things pleasurable, you help this chakra to "blossom".

When this chakra is out of balance:
1. You can be rigid. Not just sexual rigidity, but also in your beliefs or behavior.
2. You can be emotionally insensitive
3. Fearful of change
4. Lack desire and passion.
5. You will also have bad social skills.
6. Get bored easily.
7. Feelings of guilt.

On the flip side, you can also be out of balance by having excess (only a few listed):
1. Mood swings
2. Sexual and stimulation addictions
3. Emotionally dependent
4. Over-sensitivity
5. Sex addiction

Signs that this chakra is a-ok and not out of balance:
1.You will have passion for life
2. Ability to nurture yourself and others
3. Gracefulness
4. Emotional intelligence
5. Healthy sex-life.

You will also have sex appeal if you have a strong Sacral chakra.

Since your Sacral chakra is all about the flowing of your emotions, you do not want it to be out of whack. When it is open and properly conducting your energy your emotion will show themselves appropriately, you will express them clearly.

Here are some things that will help your Svadhisthana unblock and spin at the correct speed.

1. Yoga poses for your 2nd chakra:

2. Take a bath, anoint orange candles with corresponding oils. Good ones to use would be amber, rosemary, sweet orange, or ylang ylang.

Since this chakra is about your emotions flowing through life in balance and since its element is water, a warm bath is an ideal place for meditating on affirmations. Let the water flow over your body while you meditate on things such as "I create and nurture freely" or "The harmony of the Universal Energy flows through me and I accept all the good things that it gives me" or "I allow myself to experience pleasure" "I am passionate and enjoy my body".

Sacral Chakra Music Note D meditation

Vam Seed Mantra

3. Make some sacral chakra juice.

4. Meditate while listening to the sound of rain, or water running. Use the corresponding stones and crystals. This time think orange: Moonstone, citrine, fire opal, amber, carnelian, golden topaz, tiger's eye, sunstone, goldstone. Also malachite, even though it isn't an orange color, it is great for working with this chakra because it can work with the reproductive organs.


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Hi Loren, just want to let people know I used the Timeless Rituals free class last year and found it extremely enjoyable. I hadn't worked on my Chakras before, and found this class very easy to work with :D XXX